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3D Store Planning Service

navigate & interact in a virtual store environment

Our 3D service

Retail Smart's 3D store planning service combines innovative virtual reality technology and store planning experts who create store enviroments to navigate and interact with brands, point of sale and store concepts. The 3D store enviroments are ultra realistic and assist with collaborating and sharing brand and store concepts with your clients over innovative cloud based technology. Our 3D store planning service is used by retailers and manufacturers around the world as the new standard for visualising the category and navigating virtual store aisles, gaining an immersive consumer experience before the launch of new concepts within a store.

Our 3D store planning service delivers the consumer shopping experience at your desktop and in your office, allowing you and your team to explore ideas for building brands and improving the overall consumer experience and gain visual insights within the category. Furthermore, the technology enables a real 3D experience (using 3D glasses), with products viewed out of screen with true 3D depth.

3D planograms

Let our 3D experts keep you ahead of the competition using our 3D virtual merchandising software by designing ultra-realistic planograms, for that ultimate wow factor. Why not navigate your 3D planograms in real time and interact with your products, fixture and point of sale.

Key benefits

  • Design & navigate store aisles in 3D virtual environments
  • Visualise new brand and category concepts
  • Test store, category and point of sale concepts
  • Visualise in store promotions before they happen
  • True 3D stereoscopic (glasses & large screen) for client presentations
  • Output 3D planograms for range reviews
  • Experience category changes in 3D instead of merchandising centres
  • Share with colleagues and customers online reducing signoff time & cost
  • Reduce the launch time of brands & new retail concepts
  • Interact with products by picking up off the shelf, view packaging and labels
  • Visually compare competitors position and dominance on shelf
  • Create movie files of aisle navigation and picking up products of interest