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Category Review Software

for retail range reviews

About category review software

Category review software Range Planner is an easy-to-use application which transforms complex analytical range review projects into an intuitive software interface accessible for all users. Based on proven ECR methodology, category review software Range Planner presents an intuitive approach that includes every single step required to prepare an assortment proposal taking into account both market and retailer data. It includes several models to optimise the range, targeting a specific category strategy or market coverage objectives.

Why category review software?

How do you make sure the products represented in a category are reflecting the best return? How do you find the assortment that best satisfies the business objectives of your organisation and that of your trading partners?

Category review software, Range Planner, is a powerful and effective software application designed to increase the efficiency and speed of any range review process, a key part of which is range assortment optimisation.

Category review software answers questions like; “which are products makeup the core range and what is the individual importance of each product and brand? Which assortment mix best satisfies the business objectives of your organisation and that of your trading partners?” During these critical insights into the category performance, Category review software guides you through each stage, helping to build a credible range assortment, meeting the overall needs of the consumer by following Effective Consumer Response (ECR) methodology.

Evaluation of category & range assortment

Category review software, Range Planner, evaluates the category based on benchmark comparisons by the retailer store and market, thereby determining the opportunity gap, identifying ways to increase sales and profits within the category. Range Planner’s cross category analysis offers a deep category review by product, segment, brand and manufacturer. In addition, financial comparisons are made between the existing assortments and the optimised assortment.

Category review capabilities

Range Planner combines sales and market data, with consumer shopper behaviour to optimise the range of products and space required on shelf. It is a one of a kind category assessment and range assortment planning application, as well as a powerful shelf space recommendation tool. Specifically Range Planner is a decision support tool that recommends the optimum assortment. It does this by considering store type, category segmentation, multiple product performance measures, shopper interaction and shelf space.

Optimised range linked to planograms

During the range assortment optimisation category review software is calculating each products recommended facings, based on the stores available shelf space and inventory. The range assortment and recommended facings are seamlessly passed on to retail smart planogram software Scorpion and Planogram Automation software ready for planograms to be updated or automatically generated.

Category review software, Range Planner, helps reduce time spent during the category range reviews from weeks to hours, guiding you through the process in an informative and intuitive way.

Range assortment & planogram solution

Category review software, Range Planner, is part of the Retail Smart retail range assortment and space planning solution. During the range review process, Scorpion software planograms are automatically up dated with the optimised range. These planograms can also be automatically linked to the Store Plan Designer to optimise your retail store space and add an additional level of analysis.

Benefits of category review software

  • Calculate an optimised range based on consumer habits and performance
  • Well managed categories proven to increase sales between 4 - 8%
  • Manage and optimise your range assortment in hours not days and weeks like other methods
  • Confidence in range decisions based on proven ECR methodology
  • Create range justifications for new products, category segmentation and shelf placement
  • Market analysis includes an in depth assessment of category performance and plugs gaps in the range, resulting in potentially millions of pounds of increased revenue
  • Turn data into category and brand insights
  • Builds a Microsoft presentation of reports and graphs
  • Identify quick wins to increase listings and sales
  • True category management approach
  • Space and performance contribution insights

Learn more about:

Software training & support

Retail Smart consultants provide necessary training on category review software Range Planner, in order for users to be proficient in all areas of range assortment and analysis.

As part of annual maintenance payments, full support and software upgrades are provided by our dedicated team of consultants.