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Macro Space Planning Software

optimise your floor space

About macro space planning

Our macro space planning software is used by some of the world’s largest and sophisticated retailers for retail store planning and space optimisation, resulting in more profitable stores. Macro space planning software is a store planning solution which delivers valuable insight on share of space by category and department, producing hot spot analysis for actionable redistribution of space to maximise profits. Due to SPD’s intuitive design, even the most complex macro space planning procedures are made easy.

Macro space planning capabilities

Macro space planning software provides dimensionally accurate and reliable store plans. The store plans are fully merchandised by category and departments within the floor space of the store. Macro space planning software clearly shows how the store plan should be set out prior to new store openings, remodels and resets. The space planning process is a critical discipline which is considereably enhanced by using macro space planning software.

With macro space planning software, store planners can recreate all types of store layouts in a fraction of the time traditional methods take. Once the optimised store plans are created, planograms maybe linked or automatically updated as part of the reset programme.

Planograms linked to store

Planograms are linked directly to the allocated category space, for further in depth analysis by brand or even at product level. After the planogram review and update processes have been completed, the revised planograms and product data are automatically updated in the macro space planning software.

Analysis & insights

Macro space planning software delivers high impact reports to perform cross category and cross store analysis. Powerful space verses sales analysis are performed, using sales and profit data combined with departmental and category space allocations. These reports and analysis enable the accurate re-allocating of space during the re-planning process, optimising categories and increases store profits and sales.

Furthermore; store comparison reports help identify both high and low performing stores which is critical to maximising selling space. In addition macro space planning software models a number of “what if” scenarios, comparing the impact of various stores, category or department layouts, enabling you to then deploy the best option.

3D store navigation

Macro space planning software has an innovative 3D store environment which enables the navigation of the new store layout. Before consumers shop your new store plan, you can navigate the aisles, testing your store design.

The 3D store provides valuable visual insights, into the perspective of a consumer, due to the aisle being fully merchandised with products found on the planogram.

The 3D view is an excellent decision making tool, for signoff or corrective planning.

Range assortment & space planning solution

Macro Space Planning software is part of the Retail Smart retail range assortment and space planning solution. During the macro space planning process, planograms manually created in Scorpion Planogramming software or planograms automatically created, displaying consumer centric ranges, using Planogram Automation software are automatically linked to the macro space planning to optimise your retail store space and add an additional level of micro planning and analysis.

In addition planograms can be linked automatically to Range Assortment software which calculates the optimum range of products using ECR (Effective Consumer Response) proven category management methods.

Benefits of macro space planning software

  • Understand the optimium space allocation for each category and department 
  • Design store plans with sales and profits in mind
  • Increased profits and sales by optimising space allocation
  • Highlights under and over performing categories and departments
  • Uses existing store plan formats
  • Drag and drop functionality reducing time taken to design new stores and resets
  • Create dimensionally correct floor plans for existing stores, new stores and remodels
  • Captures and maintains accurate space for categories and drill down to planograms for further in depth analysis
  • Produce cross category and department analysis
  • Ready to use software, simple install, with users efficient after 1 days training

Learn more about:

Software training & support

Retail Smart consultants provide necessary training on macro space planning software, in order for users to be proficient in all areas of store/floor planning and analysis.

As part of annual maintenance payments, full support and software upgrades are provided, by our dedicated team of consultants.