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Planogram Automation Software for consumer centric planograms

About planogram automation

Planogram automation software is used by some of the world’s largest and sophisticated retailers and suppliers, for driving profits in store and within the category by generating store specific planograms with optimised ranges that fit the store space.

Planogram automation has a proven track record for creating efficiencies within every day planogram tasks of 60-90%, leaving time for detailed analysis and insights. Studies have also shown a 4-7% increase in sales, when using store specific planograms, generated by our planogram automation software.

Planogram generator

Our planogram automation software can generate hundreds of store-specific planograms each day and makes putting the right high revenue, high profit products in each store simple. Intended for use by retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, planogram automation is critical to achieving the long held goal to optimise the performance of retail shelf space.

Planogram automation software is an easy-to-use desktop and server based software solution, which leverages rules-based automation to revolutionise the retail space planning process. It combines assortment, capacity and merchandising rules to generate hundreds of unique planograms per planner per day and makes true generating consumer centric planograms possible.

"To achieve category growth and at the same time increase consumer satisfaction makes for a complex formula. Getting the range of products and display right at point of purchase is proven to increase your market share and customer loyalty. For this reason alone more consumer centric planograms need to be generated using planogram automation software and implemented in store,”

Jared Joseph - Director of Retail Smart

Consumer centric planograms & optimised range assortment

Planogram automation software generates consumer centric planograms that result in improved inventory turns, more balanced days of supply and assortment that meet local demand, while being easy to shop and aesthetically pleasing.

It is an important ingredient in managing local in-store inventories, ensuring optimal in-stock positions and facilitating precise local execution. Until now, building localised consumer centric planograms has largely been an impossible task, due to the manual nature of planogram software.

Changing the way we planogram

Planogram automation forever changes the consumer centric space planning landscape with an easy-to-install desktop solution which assigns an optimised range of products and places them in the correct position on the shelf, with enough inventory to ensure adequate stock between deliveries.

Recognising critical factors such as income, education and ethnicity drive purchasing habits demonstrates that planograms at the regional level is no longer adequate. Planogram automation now makes cluster and store specific planograms a reality that was not attainable with manual planogram solution of one size fits all approach.


Capabilities of Planogram Automation Software

  • Increase sales and profits
  • Tailored assortment of products satisfy local consumers
  • Automate: accurate execution of category plans
  • Clients have shown a 4-7% sales increase
  • 60-90% planogramming efficiencies
  • Generate 100's of consumer focused plans per day
  • Integrity of range across all store formats and sizes
  • Merchandising aesthetically pleasing range of products
  • Automate planogram productions
  • Retailer collaboration with supplier improve relations
  • Reduce inventory levels for first 12 months
  • Planogram updates are automated

Learn more about:

Software training & support

Retail Smart consultants provide necessary training on planogram automation software, in order for users to be proficient in all areas of creating store specific planograms and analysis.

As part of annual maintenance payments, full support and software upgrades are provided, by our dedicated team of retail planning consultants. 

Increase retail sales and profits

Planogram Automation Software enables micro space planners to rapidly model and evaluate merchandising and assortment rules, eliminate unproductive inventory, select optimal planograms and generate higher revenue and profitability. Unlike other manual planogram solutions, Planogram Automation Software users report that they can install and generate automated planograms in just a few days.