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Space Planning Service

retail store & shelf plans that increase profits

Our service

Retail Smart has considerable knowledge in retail space planning services for a broad range of retail clients, manufacturers and brokers. Due to our involvement in varied industries from electrical retail to grocery, leisure to health and beauty in both UK and Europe our vast experience in this area aids the success of our clients.

Working closely with our clients our space planning experts offer justification for range changes within the category, by analysing available space and sales. Planogram and store plans are designed in 2D or 3D visual outputs and ensure optimisation of shelf and store space whilst helping to achieve category management objectives. Our space planning service enhance your category range review presentations and space changes in store, along with supporting analysis using reports and graphs. This will ensure correct allocation of space for each product, brand, category and department with the objective of increase sales and profits. 

Planogram service

Using the next generation of planogram automation software, our consultants can create a set of store or cluster specific planograms taking into consideration regional variations in range, these plans are created in minutes, rather than days. Planograms which fit the store space and meet consumer demand help achieve category objectives and ultimately increase sales and profits. With our planogramming automation service the one size fits all approach is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, planograms now fit the space and hold the correct range to meet consumer demand.

Our planogram experts use the most innovative software when generating store specific planograms with a consumer centric approach. Read about planogram automation software >

Store planning service

Our store planning experts will help to identify the performance contribution of each category or department in relation to space allocated within each store and produce actionable insights with recommendations for change.

Our store planning service reporting includes hotspot analysis with instant visibility of department and category performance by way of colour highlights and will combine sales and space measures providing recommdations for change, that will increase sales and maximise profits.

Our store planning experts use the most innovative software when conducting store planning services. Read about store planning software >

Key benefits

  • Assign selling potential to every inch of retail space
  • Build presentations using 3D views and sales analysis
  • Create consistent look and feel across multiple store
  • Produce gap analysis to understand lost opportunities
  • Share plans with clients in common planogram format
  • Compare product distribution across multiple store
  • Tighter inventory control and reduction of out-of- stocks >

Key benefits

  • Tailored assortment of products satisfy local consumers
  • Automate: accurate execution of category plans
  • Clients have shown a 4-7% sales increase
  • Generate 1,000's of consumer focused plans per day
  • Integrity of range across all store formats and sizes >

Key benefits

  • Maximise visual impact on shelf, understand hot spots
  • Consumers find your products with ease
  • Stores understand how products are placed
  • Consistent look and feel across stores