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Micro Space Planning Software

for category management

About Micro Space Planning

Micro Space Planning software is used by some of the world’s largest and sophisticated retailers and suppliers, for driving profits in store and within the category. Our Micro Space Planning software for building planograms is helping companies around the world to make their retail space more efficient and drive additional sales and profits. The Micro Space Planning software enables you to create optimised planograms and range optimisation reviews in a fraction of the time and is completely user friendly. 

Planogram capabilities

With Micro Space Planning software, users can recreate all types of fixtures in minutes and start placing products to create optimised planograms in a fraction of the time other applications take. Making changes like increasing or decreasing planogram sizes, moving bay positions, adding shelves or pegboards takes seconds, saving time for category analysis and space optimisation.

Micro Space Planning software offers comprehensive, customisable reports & graph capabilities, driving category insights and actionable changes. Reports and graphs commonly used are; Space vs. sales for correct space allocation of products, brands and categories; gap analysis identifying missed sales opportunities within the category; merchandising reports for in store implementation and days of supply highlighting potential out of stock and wastage issues.

Why micro space planners prefer our software

Micro Space Planning software is designed on an innovated platform dedicated for retail range assortment and space planning, which means planogram tasks that are normally time consuming and complex are made simple and easy within the software.

In addition, using our Micro Space Planning software helps maximise sales and profits for every inch of the shelf space, whilst identifying the best shelf positions for your brands and target products. Scorpion is a true category management tool, linking space and sales data to allocate the optimum space for each product, reducing out of stocks and wastage.

Category management advisor

Micro Space Planning software helps identify products that are over or under stocked, increasing sales at the shelf and optimising space. It also recommends category space adjustments, so each product, product type, brand and manufacturer, receives the optimum space allocation.

Furthermore; space allocation recommendations can also be based on category management objectives, for example, growing loyalty on a selected brand or considering market trends for growth products.

3D presentation & implementation

The 3D capabilities of Micro Space Planning software provide a realistic view of the planogram and can be exported to an image file for presentations, or printed.

Micro Space Planning software allows users to print single or multiple planograms, with outputs for saving as an image, pdf or publish to the web in HTML. The page layout can be designed with planogram views, merchandising reports and graphs, ready for implementation in store or for presentations.

Range assortment & space planning solution

Micro Space Planning software for designing planograms is part of the Retail Smart retail range assortment and space planning solution. Once planograms are created they can be automatically linked to Store Planning software to optimise retail store.

In addition planograms can be linked automatically to Range Planner to calculate the optimum range of products using ECR (Effective Consumer Response) proven category management methods.

Benefits of Micro Space Planning software

  • Create all types of fixtures & place products
  • Edit planograms & products
  • Assign sales data & analysis
  • Highlight planogram hotspots
  • Highlight over & under stocked products
  • Category management reports
  • Merchandise in store using planograms
  • Share planograms with clients in any format
  • Create a consistent look & feel in all stores
  • Manage range & space across all store sizes
  • 3D views for presentations
  • Range review presentations
  • Perform category analysis, space vs. sales
  • Gap analysis report; identify products that sell well in market that aren’t listed in store
  • Tighter inventory control and reduction of out-of-stocks

Learn more about:

Software training & support

Retail Smart consultants provide necessary training on micro space planning software, in order for users to be proficient in all areas of creating planograms and analysis.

As part of annual maintenance payments, full support and software upgrades are provided, by our dedicated team of consultants.