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The category range review is an on-going process and one that involves more than just building visually pleasing planograms. This essential process, when executed correctly can serve as an appraisal of category performance and determine your brands success in the marketplace; meaning that if you’re not involved, you’re being left behind.

Using the latest category management software our UK category range review experts work closely with our clients on every phase of the category range review, providing insights which drive range changes to building optimised planograms to ultra-realistic store aisle navigation, using 3D retail experience to present the results. Our category range review experts provide opportunities to identify growth and additional sales, implement strategies to optimise space on the shelf, introduce new products to the range and grow brands, within the category management process.

Using our range assortment software, our category range review experts can transform complex analytical retail range review projects into actionable insights. Based on industry best practises (ECR), we present an intuitive approach that includes every step required to prepare a category range review with a credible assortment proposal, taking into account both market and retailer data to optimise the range and offer a credible range of products which reflects category management objectives and consumer demand.

Our category range review experts use the most innovative planogram software when working to maximise the retail range review opportunity. Our experts recommend using our planogram software for building planograms and space analysis, Range Planner for optimising your range assortment and 3D retail experience for visualising your newly optimised range of products on shelf and in store in an ultra-realistic 3D environment for easy aisle navigation and product interactivity.

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Key benefits

  • Well managed categories proven to increase sales between 4 - 8%
  • Calculate an optimised range based on consumer habits and performance
  • Create range justifications for new products, category segmentation and shelf placement
  • Identify gaps in product range (gap analysis), can result in millions of pounds of increased revenue
  • Perform space vs. sales analysis and redistribute space to best performing products to increase sales and profits.
  • Understand the visual impact of new range from a consumer perspective
  • Drive new sales to the category by informative POS, ascetically pleasing layout
  • Increase sales by reducing tighter inventory control and reducing out-of-stocks
  • Present category changes in 3D stereoscopic by navigating in a virtual reality environment
  • Test store, category and point of sale concepts in a virtual store
  • Visually compare competitors position and dominance on shelf
  • Present a movie category and aisle navigation, picking up products of interest

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