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Store insights & planning

optimisation of retail store space 

Our service

Retail Smart understands that the most valuable asset you own is your store space. We know that getting the right space allocation for each category and department within your sales floor space is vital to winning new revenue and increased profits.

Our store planning and insight experts help identify the performance contribution of every inch of the sales floor space and produce actionable insights with recommendations for change.

By using existing store drawings our experts overlay sales and profit data to each department, category and if required can produce planograms which allow us to create various planning scenarios and space v.s. sales analysis.

Our store insights and planning service includes hotspot analysis with instant visibility of department and category performance by way of highlights and combines sales and space measures providing recommendations for change that will increase sales and maximise profits.

Our store insights and planning experts use the most innovative software when conducting store outsourcing services. Read about store planning software >

Key benefits

  • Plan, develop, capture, and analyse store layouts
  • Reallocate space within an aisle, or the entire store
  • Highlights under and over performing categories
  • Identify space and sales opportunities
  • Optimise consumer offering for increased profits
  • Maintain accurate inventory of store equipment
  • Compatible with AutoCAD plans efficiency in drawing
  • Design store scenarios and deploy the best option
  • Drilling down to the individual product and planogram
  • Uses fixture libraries for efficiencies in planning
  • Compare sales before and after store changes