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Consultancy service

category management

Store planning service

Optimisation of retail store space
Using Store Planning – Store Planning software >

Our store planning service is ideal for retailers, wholesalers and suppliers to facilitate store space optimisation and new store openings, refurbishments and existing store evaluation. Recommended changes for stores are backed up by reports displaying category space mix in relation to sales or profit performance. We help to identify over and underperforming areas of the store and optimise the store layout to increase sales and profits. Suppliers can take advantage of this service by optimising the space allocated to brands they own. Read more about store planning service >

Planogram service

Building planograms that deliver increased profits
Using Scorpion – Scorpion Planogramming software >

Working closely with our clients we offer skilled consultants with expertise in building planograms that reflect market demand and that are aesthetically pleasing, making them easy for consumers to navigate and shop. Defining clear objectives and working in a collaborative way our planogram experts understand how to gain the correct information to build the optimum planogram, helping to increase sales and profit at the shelf and meet category objectives. Read more about planogram service >

Consumer centric planogram service

Store & customer specific planograms
Using Planogram Automation software – Planogram Automation software >

Using the next generation of planogram software our consultancy team have the ability to produce consumer centric planograms. These plans are more tailored towards optimising product range and space for individual stores whilst considering consumers shopping preferences at a local level. Clients using store specific planograms have reported category sales increase of 4-7%. Read more about consumer centric planogram service >

Product photography

Keeping your product database & images up-to-date
Hassle free – product images & data capture >

Our product photography and database maintenance services provides you with a hassle free way of always have up to date product photography and database, with latest pack photos, dimensions and description captured on a regular basis.

Captured images can be tailored to meet specific client specifications; high resolution for marketing purposes or low resolution for use in planogram software. Typical product data captured for each product is Barcode, Dimensions and Description. Read more about product photography >

3D Retail Experience

Navigate & interact in virtual store environment
Explore – category, brand & store concepts

Our expert team of 3D retail planners create ultra-realistic store and aisle environments to demonstrate your brand concepts and in store experience for presentations and shopper insights. Ideal for visualising new category range concepts as part of the range review, new product demonstrations and store concepts and redesign ideas. Read more about 3D retail experience >

3D Planograms

Ultra-realistic design
Optimised – range and shelf optimisation in 3D

If the 3D retail experience is a step to far, why not have retail Smart consultants, create a 3D planograms to help visualise the category review and demonstrate that Wow factor that’s all too often missing in today’s presentations. Read more about 3D planograms >

Range review service

Category management & range reviews
Using Range Planner – Range planning software > & Scorpion – Planogram software >

Our expert services team build justification for change within the category for any range review, providing insights into consumer’s wants and needs. Using innovative category management software and consultancy expertise, Retail Smart will deliver a credible product range offering and design planograms which meet the overall category objective with optimised merchandising layout. In addition all the insights gained during the range and planogram analysis is provided in a useable format for your presentation, including financial comparison between the old range and new recommended range, showing additional sales.

Why not try out our 3D retail experience by letting our 3D visualisation team build your new range offering in a 3D retail environment, allowing full navigation and a realistic consumer view of the category and aisle, ideal for range review presentations for that wow factor needed to make the right impression and win that additional listing. Read more about range review service >