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In order maximise the potential of your store, the customer’s shopping experience needs to be the highest quality possible. A number of things contribute to this. Customer service is one side of the issue, but the other is equally as important. Visual merchandising, or how the shop looks, is crucial in creating a comfortable environment for the consumer. By using planograms, you will be able to ensure that your product placement is at the required level to boost sales.

Planograms will decipher the best way to make the most of your stock. It will take into account what is popular in the markets at the current time, and what is gaining a lot of exposure via advertising. It will also categorise the products and from this it will be able to glean what is most accessible for the customer.

They will also ensure that your store is constantly updated in terms of trend and product success. A store’s layout will need to be changed routinely. It is important that when this occurs, the right products are given priority. Planograms provide stores with different merchandising routes and a greater understanding of the aspects that go into visual merchandising. It is not just window displays that have an impact on customers, it is the entire shop floor. They also offer precise and innovative techniques that allow you to capitalise on the space afforded to you.

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Planogramming itself has many different attributes, all of which geared towards increasing your sales. For planograms to be successful, it is not simply product placement that is important. Things that may seem trivial, such as shelf heights, are equally important. Planograms also recognise if products are too high or too low for the average customer.

Their sales – and your sales – will suffer because of it. For a customer to gain ownership of the product, they first need to be able to pick it up. If a store has awkward shelf heights, it will be detrimental to the customer’s shopping experience.

The amount of facings a store has is equally important. A facing is a row of products, and needs to be consistently maintained in order for the shop to be visually satisfying for the customer. If a store sells large quantities of a certain product, it may need more than one facing. Planograms will ensure that these are in the optimum place, in terms of the product and in terms of the store’s overall display.

Why should I use planograms?

At Retail Store, we treat every client individually. We tailor our services to the specific requirements of your store. Our knowledge of the retail sector means that our planograms are always in tune with the trends of the high street. We also have cutting edge planogram software that means the both the planning and implementation can be carried out smoothly.

Planograms combine the needs of the store with the needs of the consumer, aiming to increase sales by category. It is a method of planning that is used by some of the world’s largest retailers and is an important factor in their consistent success.

Making the most of up to date insights in consumerism and visual merchandising, planogramming means your store will constantly be able to exploit quality high street marketing techniques. Increasing sales as well as reputation, our services mean you will not be left behind by evolving trends. No matter the size of the business, the space available or the specifics of your displays, our planograms will provide a solution for you.